The investment in knowing your trading partners can seem large. Keeping vendor and customer master record bank details up to date is hard and time-consuming. Consider that globally in the past 24 hours; 1,500 businesses have moved; 8,500 had a suit, lien or judgment filed against them and 70 went bankrupt. Add the consequences of compliance violations, reputation damage or business disruption; the costs of NOT knowing your trading partners can be severe.

The required time and effort to know trading partners adds friction to the supply chain; reducing efficiency and limiting time for more strategic priorities.

In this webinar, we look at common gaps in visibility and efficiency of monitoring trading partners and how Mastercard Track can help automate the process; reducing uncertainty and friction from your global supply chain.

Hosted by Ruud Van Hilten - SVP of Strategic Business Development & Country Compliance for Tungsten Network & Emma Mills, VP of Enterprise Partnerships for Mastercard, bio's below.

Emma Mills
Vice President, Enterprise Partnerships, Mastercard

Emma Mills is a Vice President of Enterprise Partnerships at Mastercard. In this role, she works closely with clients and business partners to deeply understand their challenges and bring leading-edge solutions.

Emma has over 15 years of experience providing data and risk management solutions to clients across the globe. She has a deep expertise in solutions for credit, fraud and compliance risk management. Prior to joining Mastercard, Emma was the COO of C2 Intelligence and multiple client leadership roles at FICO, Adeptra and First Data
Ruud van Hilten
SVP, Strategic Business Development & Country Compliance

A process automation expert, Ruud van Hilten has supported global organizations such as HP, GSK, and Siemens re-invent their procure-to-pay function for over 12 years.

As Tungsten Network's Strategic Business Development & Country Compliance Lead, he is responsible for ensuring we maintain the mantle as the world largest compliant business transaction network through his specialism of tax and fiscal regulatory compliance. He’s also responsible for high profile partner engagements and accelerating the benefits of the network for Tungsten customers.

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