German Invoicing Mandate Summary:

On November 27th, 2020 the German Federal Government mandated B2G e-invoicing for anyone who sends invoices to German public entities at a Federal level.

As of April 1st, 2021 the mandate was extended to all 16 Bundesländer (the regional states and government departments of Germany).

Tungsten Network makes e-invoicing easy and efficient. With our Total AR or Integrated Solutions, you just need to send your invoice data in any format to us and we will validate, convert and deliver your invoice directly to the government entity through XRechnung or ZUGFeRD via email or XRechnung via PEPPOL.

If you’re struggling to meet the requirements of the latest mandate, we’re here to upgrade or onboard you quickly and efficiently.

How the Tungsten Solution flows:

Interested in learning more about the XRechnung & ZUGFeRD Standards?

Why choose Tungsten as your German B2G e-invoicing mandate partner?

We process, translate, enrich and validate your invoice data before delivering the invoice directly to your Buyers in any country in the world. We can then archive your invoices to
meet regulatory requirements in that country.

One connection and one file to deliver e-invoices to public entities in all Federal States (Länder) in the format they can accept

Future proof - integrate or upgrade today and be ready with your existing connection when Local Government or B2B mandates are announced in the future

Proven record of seamless e-invoicing

Direct Peppol access point

Pricing Structure

B2G Integrated Tariff Pricing for Federal Government Mandate from November 27th, 2020

Total AR pricing for the government connections via the Corrivo platform is priced separately, to discuss your Total AR requirements request a consultation.

1 If & when German Local Government entities mandate e-Invoicing there may be an additional set up fee.